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Paver Patios & Paver Walkways   Las Vegas NV.

When is a good time to trim roses ? 
Trimming roses should be done in January and July (every 6 months). Their is a certain way to trim roses (call and ask for details).

Is it good to trim trees or thin trees out ? 

Yes, trimming and thinning trees out - helps the trees grow faster and fill out.

What's the best way plant shrubs in your front yard ? 
As you look at the yard from the street. You want to plant shrubs (in the first few feet or first level) that don't grow more then 3 feet tall. Because you don't want these shrubs to block the view of your next level of shrubs you to plant. Designing and enhancing your yard - is the key to making your yard into an oasis.

Why choose tropical landscape design over grass yard design ?
Customize what's fits your needs or likes). Tropical landscape is excellent in Las Vegas. Because of our climate and the palms don't consume a large amount of water and is excellent for around pool areas.

Is fountains or bridges or Paver Patios good enhancements for your property ? 
Yes, adding a fountain or bridges and even Paver patio or Paver Walkways makes your property unique to your tastes.

What areas do we service?


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